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Fuel Cell Hall(A1 Hall)

Focus on DC/DC, hydrogen storage bottle, air filtration system, air compressor, fuel cell bipolar plate glue solution, hydrogen circulation pump and ejector, fuel cell parts, fuel cell system, testing, consulting services, Software and data services, research and development.

Tel: 0757-86767169

Equipment Hall (A2 Hall)

Focus on testing equipment, testing/monitoring equipment (testing, production equipment), membrane electrode spraying equipment (testing, production equipment), production line integration, hydrogenation equipment, hydrogen production equipment, high-pressure hydrogen special flowmeter, precision flow measurement and control, Hydrogen purification equipment (hydrogen production equipment), hydrogen gas pipeline instrumentation tube valve parts.


Automobile Hall, Nanhai Hall and International Hall (C1 Hall)

Demonstrating the development history of Foshan Nanhai hydrogen energy industry, more than 10 well-known domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturing and fuel cell companies will also join hands with the latest technology and products to the theme pavilion. Sharing the production and application of international hydrogen energy and fuel cells, such as fuel cell core components and key technologies, hydrogen station equipment, hydrogen production technology, and test and analysis instruments.


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